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  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a proven holistic system of medicine that has been in existence for over 4000 years. TCM has eight modalities. They are as follows:
  1. Astrology
  2. Feng Shui
  3. Meditation
  4. Nutrition
  5. Exercise
  6. Massage (Tui Na)
  7. Herbs
  8. Acupuncture

The first two modalities assist the individual in knowing their place in the cosmos; and how to interact with it.

The next three modalities are preventative, in that their correct application will enable a person to live a long and healthy life.

The last three modalities are employed when a person cannot regain the body’s systemic balance by themselves and require outside assistance .


TCM is a system of healing and health based upon balance.  It views the individual systemically, and is designed to provide balance in all aspects of life. 

TCM views the individual as having energetic flows along meridians or channels in the body.  Whenever, these energy flows are interrupted or placed in a state of imbalance, the body's is put first into a state of minor imbalance or illness.  When these imbalanced energies are left uncorrected, disease and/or structural deformities will eventually result. 

The imbalances can come from either internal or external sources.  External sources are based upon six exogenous pathogens: 1) wind 2) cold 3) fire (heat) 4) damp 5) dryness and 6) summer heat (seasonal in nature. 

The internal imbalances come from the seven emotional affects: 1) joy 2) anger 3) anxiety (worry) 4) excess mental activity 5) fear 6) sorrow (sadness/grief)  and, 7) fright.

The energetic flows can also be interrupted by traumatic injuries, dietary irregularities, and lack of proper exercise.