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Modalities (Methods) of Treatment Employed by Tri-County Center of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine



Treatment Modality

  Acupressure The simulation of the Traditional Chinese Medical Body points by use of pressure applied by either the practitioners fingers or by use of a mechanical object.  
  Acupuncture The insertion of single use sterilized needles into specific sites in the body.  
Aroma Therapy The use of essential oils or fragrances to produce desired results.
  Auricular The stimulation of  points on the ear as they relate to the various organs or conditions as needed by the patient.  Auricular (ear) treatments are very power methods to treat addictive disorders.  
  Cupping The stimulation of particular areas of the body or meridians by the use of a cup with a vacuum inside it.  This action will create suction and will draw out various toxins or stagnations.  
  Electro-Acupuncture Employees acupuncture needles but with the addition of stimulation of the inserted needles with micro current.  

Gua Sha

The stimulation of general areas of the body or meridians by lightly stroking the area with an object having an edge.  The will raise a Sha (rash) and relieve various toxins or stagnations.   
  Hand Acupuncture Insertion of needles, use of a pressure roller, magnets, ion pellets, press tacks, or acupressure on specific points of the hand that are representative of various parts of the body.  These methods are of either Korean or Russian in origin.   
  Herbal Supplements Herbal supplements are the predecessors of modern western bio-medicines.  They have many of the same properties but are not as strong or fast acting; but they generally don't have the severe unwanted side effects of western bio-medicines.  They can be taken as either teas, pills, decoctions, or liniments.  
  Ion Pumping Cords Employees acupuncture needles but with the addition of Ion Pumping Cords as developed by Dr. Manaka.  
  Liniments Traditional Chinese Liniments made with herbal ingredients and formulas; the liniments are used to relieve the of pain from trauma and speed healing.  
  Magnetic Therapy The use of magnets to stimulate various points on either the body or hand.  
Moxibusion The application Ai Ye (mugwort) to either specific points, meridians, or trauma locations on the body.  Generally the herb is ignited and placed near the site chosen to move a stagnation or to tonify a site.
TDP Lamp Therapy The use of a heat lamp that has a plate with rare earths.  The heat lamp heats the plates and the rare earths enter the body and relieve pain and facilitate healing.
Tui Na Traditional Chinese Body Work (Massage)


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